Spring is a time when we usher in the new. More than any other time of year, this is when something fresh can really begin. But how can we start something new, or create a fresh start if we don’t let go of the past?

It is simple: Out with the old to make room for the new!

For example, if you are thinking of starting a new round of personal growth work, now is a great time. You have the vibrancy of the season at hand to infuse your work and help you along. In general, where possible in transformation work, you are always going to be more successful if you go with the forces around you rather than fight against them.

New projects, big changes in your life, an inner shift, all could potentially receive a fresh wind or enlivening when begun or reinvigorated at this time of year.

In the work of self transformation, as we approach the March Equinox on March 20th one way to be available to that vibrancy would be to clear the slate, and get rid of all that is no longer relevant or in the way. Do what you can to drop any excess emotional, energetic or even physical clutter that might be considered baggage and make room for the future.

In the Clairvision Knowledge Track Death The Great Journey, Samuel Sagan compares the northern hemisphere Spring Equinox to a sunrise or a birth, for example.

“Winter is the season of maximum yin, summer the time of maximum yang. In spring and autumn, we necessarily have two midpoints, where yin and yang exactly balance each other. These times of equipoise are to the yearly cycle what sunrise and sunset are to the daily cycle. Times that are neither yin nor yang, but transcendental,” Sagan says. (KT Death The Great Journey, Section 3.8)

He goes on to add that the equinoxes – when night and day are of equal length, or the times of the year when yin and yang balance each other – are:

“Beyond duality, a window opens into the Absolute.”

In my experience of 22 years of deep meditation and inner transformation work, this is also a time of year when being receptive to spiritual forces can have much greater uptake than at other times of the year. That is why traditionally this is a time of year when people have done some kind of spiritual or transformation work.

Sagan points to the spiritual aspect of this phase of the year, noting that it is not just that precise moment in time when the equinox occurs that this special energy is available:

“…the superior quality of opening, the window into infinity, doesn’t last only a second. It can be felt over several hours at least.” (KT Death The Great Journey, Section 3.8)

 If you would like some help letting go of emotional baggage, or shifting something internal that is in the way of your move to your own fresh start, please feel free to contact me to talk about Inner Space Techniques (IST) and how I might be able to help you facilitate this change. I have a few spots open in the next couple of weeks to facilitate this kind of shift for some people that really want it and are ready to receive this help.

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