This morning I received this sweet message from a new client after her second session with me on zoom:

Samantha hello. An update. I slept for 12 hours. I have never known a healing at that level. Words are limited to express what I am going through. Just know that my gratitude is immense. Thank you.”

I love receiving messages like this, it is part of what makes my work so deeply satisfying for me. Not the words themselves but the knowledge that someone has been receiving such a deep level of healing from our work together.

I wanted to share this with you all because I think many people are really going through so much change and ready for some profound transformation and healing work right now. As an expert in transformation work I want to point to this phase in history as a great time to engage working on yourself.

It is my experience that so much is happening already inside of us because of where we are in the calendar just after the new moon and just before the fall equinox, and because of everything that we have all been through with the pandemic and the global shifts that have been happening around us. There is already a momentum that can give velocity to any inner work that we choose to do right now. At least that is what I am seeing for myself and my clients.

When I talk about transformation work, I am specifically referring to the style of Inner Space Techniques (IST). IST is an unusual type of therapy as it is deep process work and yet it is very very healing of real old trauma in a way that can make people much lighter and younger and more energetic even with just a handful of sessions.

To give you some practical examples, people often come to see me because they are in some kind of transition. They aren’t sure whether or not to leave a relationship, they are grieving the loss of someone they love, they are moving careers and don’t quite know how to take their best selves into the new one, they have everything after making their lives work in a practical way, yet experience a deep spiritual emptiness and want something more.

IST is a meditation-based style of transformation work

The great thing about IST is that as a meditation-based style of transformation work, it is focusing on helping the client heal past traumas from the standpoint of getting in touch with the bigger more connected parts of themselves now and in the future.

Even after 20 years of this work with many thousands of clients from around the world, I struggle to really find the words to describe IST.

The challenge in describing this kind of work is that it really is based on principles of meditation, such as that meditation is about going inside to move to the source of your being. These same principles are applied in an interactive way with the practitioner, to facilitate very surprising levels of healing because the whole process is carried out beyond the ordinary mind.

Moving beyond the ordinary mind paves the way for you to see yourself and any blockages or traumas at a far deeper level. In that seeing of yourself there is a specific space for the kind of healing that really makes a huge difference in people’s lives.

When I talk about the ordinary mind I am referring to the state of consciousness where most people hang out most of the time, to make laundry lists, to think thoughts, very much on the surface of who we are. We are all so much bigger than that laundry list.

One of the biggest benefits of IST is that in this deeper seeing of the blockages or traumas, there is also a very real sense of your own connected self that is much bigger than you probably ever imagined. This in itself is often an important shift for many people that changes their lives.

Case Study George from Boston

For example, I had a client named George from Boston MA who was stuck in his garden construction business with a particular type of employee that seemed to continue to behave badly. The business kept employing macho-type men who would have big reactions to George as he was the owner and storming out of the office, or the angry woman who would try to take him down in some way. George knew from previous work on himself that so often things in the business reflect the owner.

When George came to me, he knew that the fact that this pattern kept repeating in his business probably indicated that there was something to see in himself, but he could not figure it out on his own. We used IST to look into the situation and it turned out that George had a difficult relationship with his father as a kid. The father was a very angry macho-type man who was abusive. George did not express his own anger in his own life at all as he did not want to be like his Dad. Yet people around him would often lose it and get super mad, which really puzzled George.

George saw for himself that when any of us suppress an emotion, particularly one that is very strong, then people around us will feel it very intensely and react to it even if your behavior or words are not expressing that feeling at all. As a result, we used the IST to dive into the earlier life events that had originally caused that anger for George.

George had a lot of pent-up anger buried so deep inside of himself that he hardly ever consciously felt that emotion at all. People around him were then unconsciously mirroring that pent up rage back to him.

We worked on going back into his past and allowing him to re-experience some of those traumatic and difficult scenes with his Dad but in a way that was bringing self awareness and to the anger and rage, and he experienced a lot of healing. It was tender, intimate, sweet, and sometimes challenging to go there. And doing so really changed George’s life.

George’s company now runs very smoothly and he does not have people losing their stuff around him all the time. More than that though, he has been able to create a personal life that is really very different than it was. It is full of life and joy and love. The change in his personal life was a welcome indirect bonus from the work that we did together.

George is also happy to report that he is now very aware when he is angry in real time and he knows how to process it in a connected way.

For me this was such an incredibly rewarding process as I got to witness George coming into his own power, and also to start to really make choices that were in alignment with who he really is instead of having the family imprints run his life.

There is nothing I love more than to see someone step into themselves and really shine in their own lives. This is usually a very quiet thing, as it comes from something inside that has no thoughts, no words, just a gentle sense of inner knowing of what is right for any given moment.

If you know someone who is ready for deep healing work, wants to change their lives, and is in some kind of transition, please send them this email. I do currently have spots for a few new clients and am happy to give a free 30-minute discovery call with anyone who would like to know if they are ready for this kind of healing.

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