I’m Happy To Welcome Sylvia Valentine Onto the Team

With a lot of warmth and gratitude I want to welcome Sylvia Valentine as part of Keen Heart Consulting as a Client Care Specialist, which means that she will send people invoices, and help me behind the scenes (all with a lot of love because that is how she rolls).

Supposing anyone of you or your friends or colleagues wants to expand your team with a “Sylvia”, she is in fact available. She has years of experience with some of the Bay Area’s biggest coaching teams. (see more about Sylvia at the bottom of this post.)

Time To Break Through

And now that you are here, it might sound corny (ok it does sound corny), I want to share that for many of us, now really is a great time to stand up and be BIG. I think that it’s true though, now’s the time to be our best selves because of where we are in history and where we are going in the future.

To be transparent, I’m promoting this because I’m also challenging myself in my life, facing fears and stepping up. I’m moving in with my boyfriend, upgrading my business, working with more clients all over the world and preparing to give more online presentations and speak to groups online in a way that I’ve never done before. Gulp!

I also see this is the time for many of my clients around the world to step into themselves in a new way.

So if you have always wanted to love and never quite made it happen, do it now. If you wanted that successful career but did not put yourself out there, you know it’s true, now’s the time to take that step. If you wanted to write that incredible novel or paint that awe-striking series then yes, please just go and do it right now!

Things have been sucky! They will likely get suckier at one point too (and also better).

I do not think that getting down and out about it is going to help us or anyone else. In fact, I want to say that the absolute best thing that I can do, and most of you too, is to step into ourselves, and embodying our best selves in our own lives.

That means taking risks (not health risks but in terms of our own personal growth and our lives – yeah!)

Now is the time because we are all ready to grow and support each other to do that too. When things have been weird (and they have been weird), the best way to move forward is to drop the fear and just start now.

Do You Want To Experience IST Private Sessions For Breaking Through Limitations?

This is where I tell you that doing private sessions with me will help you break through your limitations.

Book a free 30-minute introduction call free of charge HERE (https://samanthakeen.com/gift/) if you want to shift out of old patterns but you are not yet sure how.

Private one-on-one sessions will work to take you over that line, but please be clear that you will also need your own will power and the wanting to do that. That is why I’m working with people who really want it, and are ready even though they may be terrified at times too.

If you are ready but sense that there are some emotional blockages or old patterns that you want to move out of the way, contact me HERE.

Private IST sessions help you to access the inner fire, the passion, the force of the wantings that move you through life. Along with this, the sessions will reflect your own sense of truth and clarity so that you can make decisions and strategy that help you succeed and feel good about it.

Shattering your ideas of who you should be and doing something different because you have always wanted to do it, that is real.

More About Sylvia

With over 20 years experience, Sylvia is known as the Client Care Queen! She loves working with conscious business owners, elevating their client care and creating efficient systems. She finds they’re often overwhelmed with client communication, delegation and handling all the details. What they want are happy clients and the freedom to focus on what they love. She holds a masters degree in spiritual psychology and brings a level of centered presence to all she does, while gracefully holding a myriad of details.

Client care consulting and nature photographer
831 334 7711