Rebirthing My Business and Myself After The Darkness of the Last 18 Months

I am in the process of rebirthing my business and my whole life, and myself, as many people in the world are right now. Coming out of this phase of intense incubation but also as we learn to embrace the increasing rate of changes in the way we work, interact, live our lives, many of us are undergoing a metamorphosis.

I have been here in the US for 15 years and with the intense cooking phase of the last 18 months, all that happened in those 15 years and all that I had become was pulverized in a good way. It was not comfortable but it was the best way to move closer to becoming the light that I want to be.

In all of this there is a phoenix rising out of the ashes. Something completely new to emerge in myself and in my life.

This is what my new business will be about. The ability to undergo the kind of transformation that the phoenix represents. Because in the new future, what we will need most of all is the ability to change and adapt with the ever shifting environment around us and tools that we have at our fingertips.

As part of this new birth, I will give a series of talks online and in person starting with one about “Meditation and Technology: The development of subtle bodies for the future” on Thursday July 22nd 2021 at my house in Berkeley.

How does this relate to Inner Space Techniques, meditation and subtle bodies in the future?

We are moving into a time when people will need to be more agile, and have a strong grounding in themselves in order to retain clarity in this fast paced environment and keep up. We have to wake up, and the thing in the way of waking up is our own heaviness. The way our consciousness rests on sleep or what the Buddha called “maya”, which roughly translates as ignorance.

We are in a phase where all of us will have to embrace awakening inside of ourselves in order to be able to keep up with what is happening around us. One of the things that creates sleep inherently in our consciousness is not being able to shift our own body of energy, or even see that our body of energy and our consciousness is potentially impacted by everything that is happening around us.

I think people do see the results of these impacts, as in the newly coined term of “zoom fatigue” but there are many more things happening and the experience of something like zoom fatigue is a symptom of the way that online video conferencing can impact people’s subtle bodies. Seeing the real cause of the issues we face will keep us more alert and nimble.

When we see things as they are, including the non-physical, subtle aspects of our own consciousness and body of energy and the environment that we are in, we have a lot more chance to experience clarity and embrace it in a way that benefits us.

We can operate within exponential change with far greater clarity, efficiency and agility if we see the whole picture, everything that is happening to us and around us and through us at the level of the source or the true causal level.

Inner Space Techniques (IST) is a body of work created by the Clairvision School of Meditation that is facilitated by a practitioner or in courses with the underlying principle of seeing to the very source of things.

As an IST practitioner, having seen thousands of people as clients all over the world for 17 years, I help clients to really know the parts of themselves that are stuck and blocked in order to find the real source of the issue and therefore create true lasting change. One of the biggest positive results of this work is that it can shift things that have seemed irreparably stuck such as anxiety, mild depression and other neurosis.

In shifting the emotional and energetic baggage, people become more agile, alert, awake and non reactive. The goal is to operate within the speed of change in a way that is friction-less, fast and connected.

This is going to be one of the things that all of us need to be able to do in our newly emerging fast-paced future.

How ready are you to embrace change?

Are you able to step into the new person, and life that is waiting for you or are you still stuck in the past somewhere?

Do you get stuck in old emotional patterns? And does the past weigh you down?

Exponential Change In So Many Aspects Of Human Existence

People do not appreciate how much technology is changing and that technology will change even more in the next 20-to-30 years,” said David Wood the head of the London Futurists in a YouTube streamed event titled “What is the Future of Work”, presented by the society Vichar Manthan. (

In order to embrace this increasing pace of change Wood said that each of us must become much better at working alongside technology. We need to learn how to adapt to rapid change in our jobs. Rather than assuming what training we had would be good for us in the next 50 years, the most important thing is that we can move with the shifting environment around us, Wood added.

We need to be more comfortable with change and more comfortable with failure.

We need to be able to learn new skills quickly. Those that cannot do this will be eclipsed and left behind,” Wood said.

It surprised me last year when I went through a phase of intensely wanting to go back to the past. I did not see myself as someone who was resistant to change in any way. But there it was, a huge heavy, sticky, darkness inside of myself that was not inert, but violent in its desire to fight back at the future.

Using IST and meditation, I went inside and did my best to embrace the darkness that was revealed through all that was happening in the world around me. It really was like a deep phase of cooking and churning things that have been long buried.

The crystallization of this intense dense sleep inside of myself and then the dematerialization of it happened through a kind of death. Death as a part of the process of transformation.

Now emerging from the other side, as the phoenix, washed and light, flying above the world’s sticky layers of resistance, I am excited to take part in the future. There is now a new ability and desire to look at all of what is happening objectively and grow in my understanding of it all as quickly as possible. Where my head was in the sand, it is now high above the clouds.

Many times with clients, I have helped people through huge transitions in their lives. Their business is facing challenges that bring up big old immobilizing fears, the marriage is going through some kind of metamorphosis, the kids are mirroring back their own core issues and will change when they have an inner change, there is a big break-up and a depth of heart healing.

Each one of these transitions is an opportunity to grow through going inside to see the real source of whatever is happening on the outside using IST. When emotional baggage and blockages are resolved substantial movement in life is generally lighter, easier and more executable.

There are so many things happening that demand we change and change fast.

* Online video conference calls increasing by over 300 pct

* Virtual reality has become more accessible to the general population so it will not be long before these meetings are in 3D.

* But possibly one of the biggest things that has happened is that the new covid vaccines are based on a technology never before used in therapeutics, and it could transform medicine, leading to vaccines against various infectious diseases, including malaria. And if this coronavirus keeps mutating, mRNA vaccines can be easily and quickly modified, according to the MIT Review article, “10 Breakthrough Technologies”, published Feb 24 2021. (

There are so many new things happening right now and coming in the near future, some of them difficult and some of them possibly could create huge positive shifts for us, that it takes a lot of work to keep up. There are numerous technological advancements happening at the moment, but also big changes in medical products and services, a revolution occurring in education services and many groundbreaking social and cultural shifts around the world as a result of COVID-19.

We need to change how we think about things very fast, including previous social norms such as how we have talked about gender and race and other emerging social issues. Even the increasing number of emergencies that are happening due to climate change demand that we are prepared and can think on our feet.

An IT professional in 2020-21 will constantly be learning, unlearning, and relearning (out of necessity if not desire),” says, the online bootcamp for digital economy skills training focused on helping people acquire the skills they need to thrive in the digital economy Based in San Francisco, California, and Bangalore, India. This applies to all of us if we heed the words of Wood and the other futurists.

We can just get started by having an understanding of upcoming technological changes. Simplilearn published this list of the top nine new and trending technologies for us to at least be abreast of what is happening:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

2. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

3. Edge Computing

4. Quantum Computing

5. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

6. Blockchain

7. Internet of Things (IoT)

8. 5G

9. Cyber Security

All of this has a significant impact on our personal lives in the short and longer term. There is a pressure upon all of us to keep up, to stay light, to be centered and nimble. This is where personal transformation work with something like Inner Space Techniques can create friction-less futures for anyone who is willing to go to the depths of themselves and see reality just as it is.

Contact me if you are ready to embrace the future and need to some help to drop the past.You can reply to this email, or schedule a 30-minute discovery session.




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