Gift For You, A Free E-Book:

I am so happy and grateful to be able to give you this free e-book Love, Intimacy and Opening Your Heart: Vulnerability is your greatest strength.

This book is about the discovery of the light of love inside the broken heart, the adventure of dating in New York and the journey of self transformation through taking away the veils of illusion using interactive meditation techniques. But most of all it is a spiritual journey.

After giving thousands of private client sessions as a practitioner in Inner Space Techniques of the Clairvision School, instructing hundreds of students about meditation and transformation, and working with my business Keen Heart Consulting all over the world inspiring people to open their hearts, I feel super blessed to give you something that you can read on your own about the whole process of the heart.

The articles which came together to make this book were written 4 years ago in New York, and so much has changed since then. Yet life works in funny ways, and things have come full circle. It is an irony that this release is happening now, after I moved to Berkeley California three years ago, lived with a partner for 2.5 years and went through another break-up. In fact, I am now dating again after about eight months of being single, and can confirm that this is still a crazy scene. Applying inner knowledge to the art of dating is extremely vision-ful, fun and fiery. Even now, I learn more every day.

If you are also seeking love, I hope this book will help you to discover your own inner processes of the heart and find the connection that you need and want in your life, whether it is within yourself or with others or ideally both.

With many thanks to the many people who supported me in this effort, particularly the editor Brian M. Dooley who can be found at and my mentors and friends Tracey Stanton and Matteus Levell who both really encouraged me to write this project in the first place. Also many thanks to Lindsay A. Miller The Marketing Photographer who did such a great job on the pictures of me. Thank you also to Chris Neis who did this amazing website.

So much heart going out there to you all! Happy Thanks Giving!