You can develop a simple self-care plan, especially if you create it in harmony with your own rhythms and cycles. The simplest cycle to harmonize with is the moon cycle. So if you set your self-care plan for one moon cycle, you are going to be working with the forces of nature instead of against it. Use the new moon to start the plan, and the old moon to finish.

Many people think they have to have a plan that lasts forever, and of course, this means it does not last at all. The mind and the will is much better able to gear into a distinct period of time, such as the 29-30 days from new moon to new moon. Even if you have an exercise plan that you would like to last longer than this phase, commit to it for one moon cycle and then re-commit at the next cycle. This makes it more likely that you will be successful.

This video blog was filmed out the back of my house so that I could show you the view of the Bay Area from my porch.

Big love to all