Many people think that working less is the answer to getting rid of unexplained fatigue and tiredness, but it is not enough to turn around patterns of tiredness and disengagement.

I have made this mistake myself. However, when I responded by cutting down on engagement I often found I got more tired when I was bored and unengaged.

The belief in this way of thinking is that if we are so tired, then we are probably working too hard, and in order to feel better we need to work less.

Well the idea that we need to work less might be part of the issue because people definitely do overwork. But it is not the whole picture and it is not the most important part of this story.

Working and living in a way that allows you to express your unique creative genius can be the absolute best way to get rid of burnout and negative stress symptoms.

When you are in the highest parts of yourself and expressing your gifts in the world, it gives you so much energy.

When you step into the highest parts of yourself and express your creative genius in your work, you might work even harder than you have previously and still feel energized. Even if you are physically tired when you go to bed at night, you will most likely feel deeply fed from this level of full engagement.

There is a difference between being wired and uptight. and having that good kind of tired at the end of the day where the body just let’s go in relief on the pillow allowing for real regenerative rest when sleeping.

When we step into the biggest of ourselves that is available right now:

  • We feel energized and enthused and even joyful from the inside, regardless of what is happening outside.
  • There is a sense of ease even if life is not easy.
  • There is still a kind of flow or lightness to it that is not there if you exist only in the humdrum struggle of ordinary life.

So How Do You Get to BE The Higher Parts of Yourself or Figure Out Your Creative Genius Zone?

This is one of the big questions of life: How do you get to BE the Higher Parts of Yourself and express your creative genius in your life?

I do not think there is quick fix solution here, because the answer comes from a connection to a much deeper part of yourself than is normally available. That is why I help private clients using Inner Space Techniques from 20 years of training with the Clairvision School of meditation school. Many spiritual teachers from different ages, countries, cultures have various methods to help their students with questions like this.

If you are seeking such depth within the context of your daily life, however, there are some things to look for.

Sense of Purpose as a Source of Spiritual Change

Discovering a sense of purpose can help you to create real change in your life and navigate towards higher aspects of yourself. In my online program The Creative Life Program for Women I use several different angles to approach the question of how to touch this higher part of yourself in your life, including meditation to go inside, and creative methods to explore each woman’s sense of purpose.

Purpose in this context comes from something very core, which is not the same level of consciousness as a thought from the ordinary mind. It is experienced in stillness and silence as something like a quiet calling or longing. This is really different to the loud bells and whistles of our emotions and thoughts which are often largely based on old wounds or patterns.

To be connected to yourself is to be truly spontaneous and awake. It feels alive and full of presence. Here the sense of purpose will emerge in its own way in its own time.

“If growth and development take place from the bottom up – from physical to emotional to mental to spiritual – change is powered from the top down. The most compelling source of purpose is the spiritual, the energy derived from connecting to deeply held values and a purpose beyond one’s self-interest.” say Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz in The Power of Full Engagement, managing energy, not time, is the key to high performance and personal renewal. (New York, USA, Free Press Paperbacks, 2003)

My own journey from inner struggle to discovering my true sense of self was not easy.

I was struggling inside of myself as a journalist in Sydney many years ago. I was good at it. And there were things that I liked about it but I was not really engaging the bigger parts of me in that job. After about 6 years of fulltime work in that industry, I got sick, really really sick and I did not know why. The doctors did not know why.

On my journey to recovery, there was so much discovery about who I am really from the inside out. At first it was an outright fight because I was just angry with the world for not working with me. Then as I started to look inside at why this illness was continuing, I started to learn more about myself and what might be possible beyond my fixed ideas of my life.

I found out that I was not really that person who was conditioned by the culture and family that I grew up in. My gifts were unexpected and different from everyone else around me.

In this discovery, I had to travel far and wide to find my people, and also myself. I found a school of meditation that is focused on training a few people to a high level, and which teaches about subtle bodies or the non physical levels of consciousness for the purpose of inner alchemy or energetic and spiritual transformation. This was way out of the ballpark of anything that I had grown up with.

On this long journey, what I found out was, that I am highly compassionate and intuitive, that I am a visionary person that loves and even needs to inspire those around me, and that I am a storyteller who sees patterns in people and life and is compelled to share that for the sake of growth, both my own and others. I cannot really tell you how much joy it brings me to be living this, rather than the story I was stuck in during my teens and twenties.

It was an immense joy and gift to be able to share that inner growth, working with many many people around the world, giving thousands of sessions over more than 15 years. I met people of all kinds from different countries and cultures who wanted to understand themselves better and helped them touch something of their essence on the level of Being. I learned so much.

Because I had recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome using meditation-based techniques, many people came to me with issues around tiredness or even illnesses like Burnout Syndrome.

Dealing with issues of fatigue and tiredness can be very draining believe it or not, until the person has connected to this sense of a higher aspect of themselves on the level of presence or Being.

I noticed a pattern in that when people of all kinds really allowed themselves to be guided into an opening towards their highest self, on the level of experiencing Being, they usually wanted to express themselves creatively.

When touched by a sense of their own higher presence, people often feel called to find a way to express themselves creatively. This might be through writing, or art, or a project of some kind, or research, in business or cooking, or gardening or in the home with their family. There are many ways that human beings can express themselves creatively.

The key here is that each person when in touch with these higher parts has a specific sense of their creative expression and how it might flow into the world. It is super important to listen to that knowing.

How do you know what your highest qualities or gifts really are?

In Higher Alignment, the founder Larry Byrman uses the term Creative Expressions. On his website, Byrman says that we all have intelligent gifts.

“Each intelligence has particular skills. By Integrating and interconnecting our intelligences we release Creative Gifts that empower us to make big differences in our world….. In short, our consciousness grows as we balance and integrate all the aspects of our intelligences to best serve our Authentic Life Expression.” (“Higher Alignment” last modified 2016,

Gay Hendricks PhD. in his book, The Big Leap, conquer your hidden fear and take life to the next level, (New York USA, HarperOne, 2009) used the term, genius zone:

“Those who have the courage to discover and bring forth their genius break through to unparalleled heights of productivity and life satisfaction,” Hendricks says. (pp 113)

The essence of the idea is that we have these parts of ourselves that are above the normal personality and which interact with the world in a different way. These are our unique expressions or qualities. If we really find those qualities which are an expression of something higher of ourselves, they interface both with the world and with something much higher on the level of the Divine parts of our consciousness.

The amazing thing about these unique creative gifts that we have is that when we step into them in our lives in a real way, we are happier in ourselves and life has much more ease or flow, even if the work is hard and the hours long.

Finding this part of ourselves is not about the outside conditions, it is about the inner state of being.

This is what I am so unbelievable happy to do for people – I help them to figure out their creative genius zone, and to unlock whatever is in the way of this being expressed fully in life.

To find out more, please go HERE and see my Creative Life Program for Women which is all about connecting with who you really are and shining that in the world in a way that is best suited for you.