Do you want real spiritual transformation? Do you crave to connect to the light of your own inner knowing, what I am calling the Sun inside? It is possible that now is the best time to reach for it. This shift towards enlightenment could be at your finger tips at this very moment.

We now all share the fact that we have lived through a year of massive change, the most change since World War 2. For many, this is causing an unexpected amount of internal adjustment or even the possibility of spiritual transformation.

The intensity of COVID, of political change and conflict, social unrest, and everything else that has been going on, including massive shifts in technological advancement and usage has been big for all of us. For some people it has been positive and for others quite a blow in one way or another.

It is only when we look back will we really be able to comprehend – “Wow did all of this really come out of that year?” It is clear to me now that we will not really understand how much shifted in the world around us in 2020 for another few years.

An Opportunity For Spiritual Growth Right Now

However, right now while we are still living it, there is an opportunity for a real speeding up for those of us that want spiritual transformation. The fast-paced change in the world around us offers a special opportunity to keep finding the parts of us that can also transform at a similar velocity.

It is so simple. Just turn back inside, and look for yourself. Find out what really matters to you.

It is simple, but not necessarily easy. Turning back towards yourself often seems very difficult because the thoughts and the emotions responding to the external world can be so loud. And the light that is really where you belong, is so quiet. It is silent, in fact. In the silence, purity and light heals the heart and Spirit like nothing else.

Inner Space Techniques – Meditation-Based Style of Work

The deep healing and transformation that happens through turning towards the very essence of yourself is what I facilitate for clients, using Inner Space Techniques (IST) of the Clairvision School of meditation. Over 17 years working with thousands of people from around the world, I continue to find each session a unique and special journey.

I still love giving every single session, even the difficult ones where people face the most challenging things about themselves, because in the background there is this intention to return to the source, the simple, clear, elegant, essence of you that holds each person in each session.

Facilitating lasting spiritual change for a fellow human being is a gift every time. Sharing their journey inside to the deepest and sometimes darkest parts of themselves, to find the genuine inner light within all of that, is truly beautiful and heart opening.

To give you an example of how this might work, I will use a client Claire (not the real name) as a case study.

Case Study – Feeling Stuck And Breaking Through

Like many people the underlying core “stuck-ness” that needed addressing came to the surface in a big way for Claire in 2020. Claire lives in San Francisco, and chose to stay at home with her room mates. She works in the Tech industry. Her apartment is not that big for the 3 of them at home 24-7. Although when they were all out working, dating, and traveling regularly it was fine.

Claire felt caged. The events with COVID in the USA forced her into experiencing that she had always felt totally locked down. She thought she had addressed those things through inner work many years ago and not really felt them as problematic for a long time. Then she just could not get away from feeling trapped when the first ‘stay-at-home’ orders landed and there were super weird vibes at the grocery stores, and the inability to really see anyone socially at all, let alone to travel.

Claire was born in Delhi, India but went to school at UC Berkeley. She had been traveling her whole life. Even as a baby and a small child, she traveled around the world with her parents. Having lived in 4 continents, 7 cities and 5 different countries, as well as traveling for long stretches at different phases, she had experienced a huge amount of freedom through moving around. She already knew that changing ones’ external landscape does not fix the internal landscape as it always catches up with you. But that did not help in 2020.

“The thing that kept my head above water and kept me moving forward though, was turning inside of myself using the help of IST. I learned again that instead of looking outside at the world and looking for the light there I had all of the answers inside of myself. When I did that everything changed,” Claire said after about 7 sessions of IST.

The sessions helped her to turn back inside, and move through the part of herself that fights everything. From there she found that what she really wanted was lightness of Being – no matter what happens outside. She longed for Warmth – even when there is no one to cuddle with. She desired Connection – inside of herself.

This all came to a head when instead of running for hills, as her emotional reactions would have had her do, she booked in for a block of IST sessions with me. She used the sessions to come back to herself and find what she really wanted inside of herself, opening a whole new way of being in her life.

The sessions connected her with a depth of silence and internal Being-ness. She was reconnected with the centering principle of her essence, which felt like clarity and truth.

When that light emerged inside of Claire, she said that she felt big, expansive, silent and full of knowing. She described it as, “like the clarity of the fresh fallen mid-winter snow sparkling in the morning sunlight. Fresh. Simple. True.”

Discovery Session – A Gift For You

Do you want to find the sun inside of yourself? Or know others who would really love to get in touch with this kind of inner expansion regardless of what is happening externally? I am inviting people to come and have a free 30-minute call if you would like to know more about your own internal sunshine, and the bigness that it brings.

And in further celebration of the light inside, I will travel to Maui and Kauai in Hawaii during April 2021 to see clients, and enjoy the sun and the sea and the turtles. I will be available in Maui April 10 – 14th for client sessions using Inner Space Techniques.

Please email me on or text 510 847 5072 if you would like to book a free discovery session or if you would like to ask about working with me in private sessions either remotely via zoom or phone, or in Maui, HI.

With Heart,