Exploring heartbreak can take you to the center of your own being and give profound healing, not just for the imminent loss but for all of the heartbreaks in your past.

There is an opportunity to grow in your humanity by letting yourself feel deeply the very source of the wound inside.

For all of us whether we are actively doing self transformation work or not, heartbreak is a time when there can be potential for openings of great proportion.

Why does poetry, theater, cinema, great literature, music and all aspects of artistic expression often center around the experience of heartbreak and love?

This is because the archetypal experience of heartbreak is something that we all share. It is the sweet and bitter pain of the loss of love.

The Yearning for Love is the Most Essential of all Human Longings

We know this in our being.

Romantic love is a mythology that we use to express this yearning. And of course, when this Earthly love does disappoint us, it is painful. But why?

Heartbreak hurts like hell. I would not wish it upon anyone.

Yet when a client comes to me with this particular devastation, the burning ache, the broken-ness or shattering of heartbreak, I am so inwardly happy to help them because I know that if we do dive into this together and find the true source of the pain, there are great great rewards and there is also profound healing right there at our fingertips.

The Clairvision style of Inner Space Techniques (IST) that I have practiced for the last 20 years with thousands of people around the world is a meditation-based approach which turns the client’s awareness towards feeling. The purpose of IST is get to the very source or real cause of the emotional pain because that is where you will also find your Self.

Revealing the source of heartbreak is simple, yet not easy.

It all happens through feeling the “energetic spot” of the chest which is something that is more fluid than a physical spot. As an IST practitioner my job is to help the client go into the deeper meditation space in a way that is interactive with me, and to feel this hurt.

I can hold anyone in this because I have done it myself. I have been there many times for myself and for others. Each time it is unique, and has its own challenges and yet each time you walk that pathway it becomes more familiar and a source of connection.

Experiencing the Wound

Exploring the pain in all of its profundity has opened my heart and given me so much to hold others going through all sorts of inner torment.

I have experienced the depth, the anguish, the sweet sweet pain of heartbreak many times because as a serial monogamist in relationships, and as someone who loves very deeply and historically falls in love very easily, the inevitable trajectory of all of that has at times also been heartbreak.

Using IST and diving into the desolation of this particular type of loss in my own process, there was the unfolding of layers and layers of old emotions, hurts, wounds, scars and a window into the soul.

As I felt each layer and flowed with the grief my heart became bigger, and bigger, and felt more and more. Until the experience was one of something like a universal wound. And then it became light, taking me into the light of love that I thought I had lost so many times. Becoming one with that light is really profoundly healing in so many ways. Anytime that I have been there I look younger, fresher, felt more enthusiasm and clarity.

Part of the beauty of this affliction is that it really does happen to almost everyone at some time. But usually people stay on the surface, using the distractions of ordinary life to close it up again.

In the Breaking Open there is an Opportunity to Find Connection in Yourself

The Inner Space Techniques are an interactive way to help you navigate back to the core or center of yourself, the light of your own being.

This wound in the heart is filled with presence and light.

For example, in one particular round of anguish about the loss of a dear friend, I found something very ancient inside of myself that knows the mysteries of long ago. A magical rich burst of life poured from my essence in the healing of that wound.

Sometimes it Really is Agony – Yet to Feel This Hurt Will Melt Your Heart Into Opening

Typically the way the human mind works is to think that this pain is totally overwhelming and it will not be possible to go into the feeling and survive or come out the other side.

The funny thing with this belief, which is quite universal, is that the opposite is true. Those people that do not allow themselves to feel the loss, the grief, the pain that is there are the ones that get stuck. The flow of feeling allows things to be released and let go of.

Often though, it is important to have this interactive aspect where someone is objectively holding the experience for the client and encouraging them to gently go deeper inside as there can be a way that people do get stuck at certain levels of the pain and wallow or become depressed.

Holding a space for clients going through heartbreak is intimately rewarding because when something is at this fathomless level of feeling, then everything that has been hidden or buried comes to the surface. Everything seems naked and a little more real.

When you have touched this wound at its core, and found the light of your Self on the other side, then human love is enriched and you are different. It is hard to put words on what changes except to say that each person that I have helped with this journey seems to be more human on the other side, more humble and more able to love.


** This is the beginning of a series about the work of inner self transformation using Inner Space Techniques (IST)